Who’s Who

Geoff Fox

Geoff FoxFor nearly thirty years Geoff Fox appeared on TV sets across Connecticut. As meteorologist at News8, then FoxCT, he’s been in nearly as many homes as Santa.

Now he’s done what any smart meteorologist would do–move where the weather is incredible, Orange County, California.

Over the years he’s gained a reputation for delivering more than promised without hype. Television is a business built on repeat customers and that’s how you get them.

He’s written for PCMagazine.com, the New Haven Register, Hartford Courant and Connecticut Magazine, among others. He’s also written scripts for hundreds of science stories.

Don’t worry if you hate writing. He doesn’t.

Geoff is also an accomplished photographer and, as you can see on the right, knows less about flaming logs than he does about Photoshop, where he’s a wizard.

A seven time Emmy Award winner, Geoff knows it’s easy to put compelling video on your site

Helaine Fox

Helaine FoxHelaine (photo courtesy: Witness Protection Program) runs the business end of Doppler Design.

She is the organizational genius. She is the list keeper. She understands a deadline.

An honors graduate from Temple University, she met Geoff by running into him while rounding a corner on her first day at work.

Helaine is a rabid sports fan and follows the Phillies, Eagles and Sixers with the kind of unconditional love usually reserved for puppies. Speaking of which…


Doppler supervisingDoppler is the world’s softest, cutest, sweetest dog. She is our inspiration.

Doppler is named after Christian Doppler, the 19th Century Austrian mathematician, physicist and Doppler radar guy!

Doppler’s life hasn’t always been kibbles and belly rubs. She and her brother were abandoned, then brought to the (no kill) pound in Wallingford, CT.

We found out about Doppler while answering dog adoption ads online. Here’s part of the email we received.

We do also have two Maltipoos, a male and a female, that are not online yet. We have not put them up yet because they needed a little TLC. They were abandoned, blocked in a baseball field dugout. They were very thin, their coats were matted to their skin and their nails were to the point of curling. The poor things were sad and scared. After a good bath and haircut, and a much needed pedicure, two new, happy dogs appeared!. They are the sweetest. They are sociable and love everyone.

They are!

Dop’s brother, Bentley, was adopted by friends. And we all lived happily ever after.