Our Services


Do you need a website?

Yes. 100% absolutely, positively yes!

Today, a website is the sign your business is legitimate, even if you do no business online. People will visit your website before they visit you! This is your best chance to make a positive first impression!

People shop online for everything. Your website should lay out what you do and where your expertise lies.

If photos and video make your point, we can include them. The good news is, video for the web doesn’t have to be expensive to look great and be effective. Even better, short videos are nearly always better than long!


What can we do for you?

Designing a website is a building process.

We’ll make sure we understand your goals before we start. We listen. We advise. We want your site to be effective. That’s good for you and good for us!

Our websites are built atop WordPress, the world’s number one CMS (Content Management System). Because WordPress is so widely used, the “wheel” you need has probably already been invented! That means less time for development and more mature, bulletproof tools available to ‘trick out’ your website with special features.


How will you be found?

Without Google, Bing and Yahoo! the Internet would be a very different place.

We understand how to properly create your site so search engines see you favorably and rank you higher. The term you hear most often is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Nearly everyone uses SEO today. You’re not going to outrank Amazon or Facebook! However, by sharply focusing on your specific target audience we can nudge your ranking up from where it would be organically.

There are sneaky tricks to improve Google rankings. Unfortunately, if you’re caught, you’re banned! That’s why we only do “white hat” SEO.


What’s included?

We build fully responsive websites and we service and maintain what we build. Responsive means they’re meant to be seen on every screen from phone to tablet to desktop monitor.

Every site, every job, is custom. We’re great at copy, art design, photos and video, but we understand you might want to do some of that yourself. No problem.

We’ll make arrangements for hosting and your domain name (which should and will be owned by you), plus train you to make simple changes. If you run into trouble we’ll be there for you.

Every job is different. Pricing is reasonable and competitive and based on your specific site.

Backups, maintenance, hosting (when needed) and minor changes are included for the first six months with a new site.